Cover photoo by Victoria Chin

Kell Schneider

I have forged a professionally successful intersection of my passions for word and image.

My ability to communicate, honed on the whetstone of word and pen, has served as a keystone in my zeal for design – and is why I have rather organically become a typography fiend: I see text as both emotionally loaded, and as a sharp, smart form of visual communication. 

Long story short, good design draws you in and good content keeps you there. I try not to be weak in either form. I focus on color and geometry in my pieces, and I choose words or phrases that stir up memory or location. I plan to explore the depth and power of type and text in many ways, and put it all to good use professionally.

I hail from the unarguably great state of New Jersey, but have working in Boston for 7 years.

Cover photo by Victoria Chin.